Las Manes de Veranera

Veranera films was founded by Stefanie Nieto , who for more than 10 years has worked internationally in outstanding productions.
Our team work and alliances with renowned professionals in Panama and internationally, in the fields of Photography , Production , Animation and Voice overs allows us to be a creative alternative in the audiovisual industry by providing services with global standards.
More about our CEO/Founder
STEFANIE NIETOStefanie Nieto, was born in Panama, graduated in Advertising and marketing with emphasis in Digital Production at the Latina University of Panama. At a very young age, she started her production career on one of the most famous and successful North American reality shows, Survivor. In 2008, (Buenos Aires, Argentina) she accomplished studies in TV and Film production, Script techniques for movies, Wardrobe design, Voice Over Techniques and Neutral Spanish for dubbing of Movies and TV, Acting and personification of characters.
With more than 10 years as a freelance in the industry Stefanie Nieto  continues her career with success and determination, now as the CEO / Founder and Executive Producer of Veranera Films , serving as a liaison to international and local productions and representing important Companies as a remarkable Voice Over Artist under her brand StefNieto.
“I do not believe in luck, I believe in the power of dreams, as a child I dreamed , I’ve always been a dreamer , now I only gathered all my energy for the universe to conspire at the precise and necessary time . We are what we think and what we believe. “


Clients are always right 

“I had the pleasure of working with Stefanie Marie while shooting “Hands of Stone” in Panama, she was assigned to be the personal assistant to Robert DeNiro and his team. I have been Mr. DeNiro’s Hair stylist for the past 11 years and when we start a new project and come into a new city … Continue reading Jerry Popolis – Robert DeNiro´s Hairstylist

Jerry Popolis – Robert DeNiro´s Hairstylist