As a Liaison Company we offer complete Production Services such as:
• Fixer services for International Productions – Documents and legal procedures with the film commission, customs and immigration.
• TV, Film and Photography Production Management and Coordination
• Qualified Assistance for High-End Actors
• Locations scouting
• Crew Payroll

We also provide General Production Services such as:

• Qualified Panamanian Voice Over Artists Management with expertise in Dubbing, TV Commercials and Lip Sync, with the best audio studios standards.
• Professional Audio recording
• 2D & 3D Animation for TV and Social Media
• Development and Production of High-Profile Corporate Videos

We are also part of the Innovation.
In Veranera Films we are conscious of the amazing impact of the social media. Everyday more and more people are signing in on different Social Media Platforms, which gave the advertising a twist requiring the presence of Companies and products on them to keep on with the audience. That´s why we provide:

• Advertising solutions adapted to Social Media, we create and develop customized audiovisual Ads for small and big clients to make them have a remarkable and creative presence in the internet market.